Do we not see number of "likes" on Mastodon?

I'm still warming up to this shit.

@awayslice I was wondering this too, maybe the favourite button?

@Uvas @awayslice depends on the client? With Tusky you see it on the toot page, not the timeline.

@awayslice @Uvas Web client, with advanced view. Mobile I use Tusky, but mixed feelings. Catching up is more difficult, and threads are less clear.

@mutatrum @awayslice @Uvas on iPhone I liked amaroq better than mast. Haven’t tired tutter.

@awayslice this is the biggest flaw. You must click into the toot to see the engagement metrics

@ck_SNARKs @awayslice My guess is it's intentional to make likes/retweets less important than they are to the average twitter user.

@awayslice And what's the boost for?

I've been clicking that too periodically.

@awayslice use Moa to connect your twitter. I like to tweet and then have them mirrored here. I turned off mastadon mirroring to twitter. What happens in mastadon should stay in mastadon and what happens in twitter should come to mastadon. My two sats.

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