@ryanjordan Jordan Peterson is a fool. If we simply stopped trying to climb the dominance hierachy at each others expense and collaborated instead, we would have easily SOLVED aging by now. This is why the Buddha said the choice to allow Māra to rule you is the choice to decay and die. People are stupid.

@Jonchenot @denverbitcoin: Tip of the iceberg. Dr Steven Gundry is the best source of info that I have found on restoring health by eliminating these poisons from our diet. youtube.com/c/DrGundry

@woodrow Idea to consider: The malevolent are competent at attaining power with the least amount of value contribution. We perceive them as incompetent at delivering value but delivering value was never their aim to begin with. In their mind, delivering value is for suckers.

@imnuso Collectivism is a scam to weed out stupid people from the gene pool. The collectivist "leaders" are just *using* their naive followers as tools against each other. Natural selection is brutal.

Deception is an unstable foundation for a social system.
It will destabilize.
It will collapse.

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