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We should fucking go to Mars. We should turn space exploration into the unifying global struggle that will elevate our ambitions beyond the petty squabbles of Earthly life, most of which are pointless, repetitive and boring.

Who's up for matching this donation? Throw in and sent 25K sats to the @BTCPayServer Team. I'm with @matt_odell when he says this may be the most important project in the realm right now.
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Does @BTCPayServer not just have a BTCPayServer Pay Button somewhere to donate some sats? 🤣

I'm not finding anything on the website & just want to throw 50k sats your way for some love from me & @artdesignbysf

I like the coin
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I like because I can save with it, and no longer need to speculate.

3D Printer go brrr!
Don't forget you can now order rolls of PLA filament in the shop too! The quality is superb!
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We are building a lot of Tritons! 👀

Apologizes for the long wait times but they will be worth it!

Look at all these future Nodes and more!

I need a good source for second hand ASIC miners in the Netherlands (or western Europe). Tips are very welcome. Thank you.

Asking for a friend.

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@CobraBitcoin I'll keep repeating the message: Please stop enabling this attack on .

CC: @HuobiGlobal @OKEx @bitfinex @hitbtc @bideskcom @XTexchange @IDCM_OFFICIAL @DigiFinex @upbitglobal @BithumbOfficial @dcoinexchange @Bibox365 @CoinBene

I'd love a quick wick down to 40K before continuation of our mission to .
Fingers crossed.

I love you @EricRWeinstein , but you're sounding like the Deepak right here:
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Can someone please help translate for a pleb like me what @EricRWeinstein is saying here about Satoshi and ?....

[from his interview with @lexfridman #4 -- part 1of3]

@breedlove22 @dergigi @real_vijay @Bquittem, any ideas?...

We've got our own branded filament for sale, yes!
Go take a look in the shop.
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CryptoCloaks Filament has all colors now in stock! Minimum purchase is two rolls due to shipping at the moment.

Grab them here!

We're working on getting an astronaut printed in all of them.


I'd like to thank @econoalchemist who commissioned me to create the animation and who is an absolute pleasure to work with. Check out his work!

Also thanks to @SamouraiWallet for providing the best cutting edge software wallet out there.

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Here is the tutorial feauturing the animation at the start. SOUND ON!

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8/15 Cahoots transactions can be built between collaborators using Soroban, which makes the process much faster and smoother. Soroban communications happen over Tor. Here is a video example of Alice & Bob's Stowaway tx.

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This was a really fun project to work on. I love doing these kind of animations! Go checkout @econoalchemist fantastic video tutorials starting with this one on @SamouraiWallet's improved Stowaway functionality that uses Soroban.
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1/15 Stowaway, a privacy enhancing tool from @SamouraiWallet

This thread explains a collaborative transaction that can be used to obfuscate the true amount being sent on-c…

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🧊Genesis Block🧊

By Brekkie von Bitcoin @BVBTC


Car in the shop again. 2nd time this week..

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Be Sure To Tune In Tonight For A Episode Of 3D Print Wednesday!
As We Talk About Some New Filament We Got from @cryptocloaks That"s Beyond
5:30 PST / 7:30 CST / 8:30 EST

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