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Ik als BOA/BEVEILIGER weiger mee te werken aan een 2 deling en discriminatie en vele collega's doen met mij mee, dat zijn echte mensen die leven.....

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“Eradicate the optimist
who takes the easy view
that human values will persist
no matter what we do.
Annihilate the pessimist
whose ineffectual cry
is that the goal's already missed
however hard we try.”
— Piet Hein

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Do you own ?
Do you want your bank to know?
Do you want to inform the enemy?

Here is a list of banks for easy blocking. DM me more bankers and insulate yourself from the bastards. I will follow them and add so you don't have to: twitter.com/i/lists/1189638563

How are you going to take an irrational poem out of my head?
Alternatively, how can you spend what needs "x out of n" keys to spend when all keys are distributed around the globe?

Do you even know how Bitcoin works?!
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@CedYoungelman Ya sure bud. They cant track your transaction or find you and take ypur wallet lol oh the btc children

On a side-note. I wish there was a way to run @BTCPayServer from home, over @torproject, and embed the onion page in an iframe or some shit on a normal clearweb HTML page so as to not doxx your home IP...

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Looks like @OpenSats is still working on getting that @BTCPayServer up. Please let me know when you are ready @ODELL ;)
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Hey @TheVladCostea, thank you for the free copy! It looks great.

As promised I'll donate some sats. Hey @OpenSats, send me an invoice for 50k sats please! I can't find your BTCpay Server. t.co/2phlsdtl3L

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You may have noticed that the media aren't covering the Great Barrier Reef much this year, after reporting its imminent death incessantly for years. The reason is not no news but good news. The GBR has been rapidly improving—which doesn't fit the catastrophist agenda.


Hey @TheVladCostea, thank you for the free copy! It looks great.

As promised I'll donate some sats. Hey @OpenSats, send me an invoice for 50k sats please! I can't find your BTCpay Server.

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It took a few weeks longer than expected, but here it finally is: I just published...

"Faketoshi, The Early Years — Part 2"

Covering the massive frauds that Craig Wright performed in 2014. Must read, again with lots of input from @CryptoDevil.


Since you now must accept in @elonmusk. I thought I might try again.

Thank you @nayibbukele for setting a good monetary example for all the other countries!
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Whenever you're ready @elonmusk, you're custom @BTCPayServer checkout page is ready for when you start exchanging those awesome @Tesla products of yours for some sweet .

Others have gone before you. Just ask @aantonop of @GL

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Sorry, maar ik heb nog één keer jullie hulp nodig!

Delen = 💯🙏🥳

Stemmen voor de Dutch Podcast Awards 2021 doe je hier: podcastawards.nl/stem

Het is 30sec werk en je maakt er mij en de anderen waarvoor je stemt erg blij mee.

Alvast bedankt! 💪


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nix-bitcoin v0.0.51 is released!

- shell.nix rewrite: convenience commands (update-nix-bitcoin, deploy, etc.), help section
- automatic lnd cert management
- joinmarket 0.8.3 -> 0.9.1
- btcpayserver 1.2.0 -> 1.2.3
- nbxplorer 2.1.58 -> 2.2.5
- charge-lnd 0.2.3 -> 0.2.4


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I want to experiment with LNURL and am running myNode on my home network. However, I can't seem to get SSL functioning which is apparently needed for it output LNURLs.. Now I can get it to work over tor but my wallet can't decode the invoice...

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