I'm nearing the point where I really need to get some new threads. My clothes are more a collection of holes than actual fabric. I'm having trouble trying to look somewhat presentable at work and other social necessities.😅

I hate shopping for anything other than grub + sats.
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I haven't bought a pair of shoes these past 3 years. Stopped smoking weed. Forgone a lot of luxuries. Never made much money as work was ha…

I haven't bought a pair of shoes these past 3 years. Stopped smoking weed. Forgone a lot of luxuries. Never made much money as work was hard to find. Still stacked sats as hard as I could. I am not stopping now. I'm going for the long haul. Join me. Bitcoiners are taking over.

Run your own bitcoin node! Do it now!
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This map shows distribution of reachable nodes found in countries around the world.

There's about 10,000 nodes protecting the network right now, and each one has an entire copy of the ledger that they use to enforce and validate the rules.

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Alright fuck this Elon shit. I'm giving a way a @cryptocloaks Tricked out triton node in 5 days. Runner up will get a @COLDCARDwallet bundle. How to enter: 1) Tag a friend and tell me why you want to have a Full node. 2) Tag me and @elonmusk and tell him to sell his

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Let me put this into perspective for you.

The USA government printed $16T in 2020 in stimulus. That's more than enough to get 51% control of the entire top 200 Cryptocurrencies if they were all POS.

POS will be a tool of oppression not a tool of freedom. twitter.com/MeanHash/status/13

I have a feeling the suddenly part could happen much faster...

When talking about first principles and such = much Wow!
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@elonmusk offers 8 billion people a superior technology to guarantee their human rights to property, as well as a solution to the global problem of inflation & currency devaluation which creates $10+ trillion in economic damage per year. Isn't the fossil fuel mix second order?

I'm hodling.
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Yesterday, we saw the largest liquid supply growth that we have seen so far during this 🐂 run

Compared to the liquid supply growth during the early bull market phase, it is still very modest, suggesting that has been HODLed with conviction so far this cycle 💪

I'm a doge dev too @elonmusk!
I only accept bitcoin as payment though.
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@elonmusk hi I'm a doge developer. Slide in my dm, I take payments in btc

Hey @JackMallers,

Can you please send me a DM. I can't contact you. I might have something of interest to you. Cheers!

Shipping out poster #1 of 21 this week!
There are now 17 prints on A1 paper remaining.

Thank you to all you generous buyers!

Prints available via: artdesignbysf.com/store
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Poster #12 and #14 have just been shipped. There are now 18 of 21 left. twitter.com/artdesignbySF/stat t.co/BzvW0P0M7S

Why not ?
Here's e why:
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Preston do you own any ETH?
No. Here's why. A Thread.

First, I don’t trust the decentralization of the ETH protocol. In the past, ETH has been governed by the direction of a few key influencers. If you haven’t discovered yet, the essence of this entire movement is removing 1/

I've heard people say "it would be best for the planet if humans went the way of the dinosaur."

It boggles the mind!

We need to lower our time preference and get the hell off this rock.

Wen O'Neill cylinder @elonmusk ?

A fine citadel one of those would make!
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even aside from the marginal benefits to intermittent renewables, methane flaring, etc, the truly remarkable thing is that so many allegedly serious people have…

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It's a bit like trying to mark water molecules with a sharpie to save people from drowning. If you think this is a good idea, you don't understand water very well, nor do you understand sharpies. And I seriously doubt that your true intention is to save people in the first place.

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You can hold or you can be a slave to the state. If you don't like the horrific things the state does, then don't hold the money that gives them the power to do those things.

To largely willfully ignore Bitcoin while decrying the state is hypocritical.

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Sneak peek at our new desktop node coming soon from our good friends @cryptocloaks. This will include working LED exhaust fans and a RaspPi4 bitcoin node. Will be on sale in their store after @TheBitcoinConf and we will be giving away 3 at the conference!

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