A shitcoiner told me I should enjoy Bitcoin and altcoins, and why do I have to call large market cap altcoins scams?

No, motherfucker.

@armantheparman Let's face it. Shitcoiners are dumb fucks. That's my opinion. But it took me about a year from when I first bought some shitcoins in 2017 before I figured it out. It was a huge relief when I finally just sold them all in 2018 and have bought nothing but bitcoin ever since. I figure I was lucky that I didn't get completely recked!

@LibreBell Yes.

If you show the truth to a shitcoiner, and they don't get it, THEN, they're a dumb fuck, orherwise they are a pre-bitcoiner who hasn't been oferred the orange pill.

@armantheparman I finally sold off all my alt coins and went all in on Bitcoin. I sold at a loss for some coins, but I’m much more prepared for the future with the focus on Bitcoin. My shitcoin friends have all been pretty negative about my move… hell, they even seemed upset at me buying a Trezor wallet rather than using an online non-wallet (Wealthsimple in Canada).

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