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This is awesome.
Fuck you Twitter.
Noore spelling mistakws

When do you think violence against WEF begins?

The entire medical and political system in the world is incentivised to not act with integrity, because they want to keep their job; not necessarily taking bribes and being overtly evil, but subtlety. It's undeniable that speaking for truth puts your job at risk. Fuck you all.

There will be no new normal.

You will not eat bugs.

You will not live in a pod.

You will not be indoctrinated.

You will own everything you currently own and much more.

You will be happy.

You will be free.

You will seek the Good.

You will buy a house.

You will start a family and have children.

You will start a business.

You will study.

You will produce good art.

You will build.

You will flourish.

You will find the meaning to life.

2 + 2 = 4

Death to Communists.

Bits can suck my balls.
Sats is the standard.

People can't wait for the kids to be "eligible" for the jab.

Is it me or is it more quiete here all of a sudden?

The sad truth is that many doctors, actually, the majority of doctors, who have Bitcoin, are degenerate shitcoiners.

It has made me lose faith in my colleagues, and all those in leadership roles, and that extends now to all professions

These are the people giving recommendations to politicians, and these are the ones who don't understand human rights and ethics

We are fucked as a profession, and as a race. There are not enough Bitcoiners. We have to change the world as the minority; so be it.

A shitcoiner told me I should enjoy Bitcoin and altcoins, and why do I have to call large market cap altcoins scams?

No, motherfucker.


I suspect that Saylor/Tucker video is going to spread well.

We should regularly call Bitcoiners on Twitter to join us. Now is the time to strike at Twitter.

It's really beautiful here, not a single shitcoiner

Took a nap.

Dreamt I was buying like a madman.

Woke up.

Bought some like a madman.

Amazing interview by Michael Saylor. He's getting better, and it sounds like he's been reading Parman, I swear.

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