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Can already tell I'm going to be way, WAY more bullish here than I am on normie Twitter

anyone have good examples to share of non-fiction books where a particular chapter took up >30% of the text?

(Context: Hard to argue that, in a book about social impact of protocols, HTTP shouldn't be taking up like three times as much space as NNTP)

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A very short agenda. First up P2P message encryption, BIP324. Why has it taken so long, why is it so complex? NOISE specification doesn't include length, ability to add padding etc so can't use that. The length is authenticated in BIP324.

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1/ The CFTC bZX/OoKi enforcement action is interesting because of the last paragraph, namely that the CFTC just looked through the DAO or "DAO" and said it is an unincorporated association and the individuals are responsible.

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"The Commission defines the Ooki DAO unincorporated association as those holders of Ooki tokens that have voted on governance proposals with respect to running the business"

If you are an Ooki token holder who voted on governance proposals you just got charged...

"fundamentally i can't see how it would fail" i say, nervously eyeing the soufflé in the oven

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OK, I’ve been teasing this like crazy, but I think it’s quite the fascinating tale. In honor of @USATODAY’s 40th anniversary, I’m taking a look at the paper’s first big digital foray for @readtedium:

waking up to another beautiful bear market morning, where words like 'Beeple' and 'Ohm OlympusDAO' are distant memories of a nearly forgotten fever dream

Huh, TIL - I'd thought that the Bandwidth Alliance was only about reducing egress data transfer fees, but from this article:

"Cloudflare shares IP reputation data with partners like Google, coordinated through a program called the Bandwidth Alliance."

Was not expecting all the cope in the replies! Probably shouldn't mention Satoshi also used Visual Studio and bitcoind was Windows-only until v0.2 😬

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oooph, that Balina complaint has some not great parts in it. Any attorneys on here up for filing an amicus brief?

Following the hodlonaut trial. Rough way to start the week finding this out

big ups to Bachelier, Samuelson and Tobin while I'm at it.

(Not you Robert Shiller. You can't sit with us)

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wtf I love the efficient markets hypothesis now? ggwp, French-Fama

a) i intentionally avoided Kleinrock, Al Gore and Vint Cerf and b) come to @PubKey_NYC when it opens later this month if you feel like arguing about this IRL over Scotch!

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