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Can already tell I'm going to be way, WAY more bullish here than I am on normie Twitter

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #138 is here:

- describes discussion about a desired replacement for some BIP70 payment protocol features
- summarizes proposals for a standardized way to exchange fraud proofs for DLCs
- notes updated HWI docs and other PRs

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@asanso @Leptan @real_or_random I've heard from Schnorr as well confirming that the upload on ePrint was his: "It is obvious that my paper destroys the RSA cryptosystem."

No words to describe how disappointed I was when I realized 'gauge theory' had nothing to do with railroad track standards 😢

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's central bank chief suggests that soon a few exchanges will be designated to facilitate sales and purchases for miners, for the purpose of importing goods into the country. Says other uses won't be allowed.

Regulators never learn.

This Szabo essay is in the back of my mind reading over it. One way to describe ICANN and the RIRs roles is as caretaker/arbiter of all the different virtual property titles that are needed to make the Internet work

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Spending my Sunday with Bradley Fidler's 'Creation And Administration Of Unique Identifiers, 1967-2017', a history of the ports, addresses and other unique identifiers that power the Internet.

Kudos to ICANN for making all 118 pages free to download!

Trying to keep up with all of the podcasts @martybent has dropped on mining with stranded natgas *this week*

🎶 Back in the days when I was young 🎶 I'm not a kid anymore🎶 But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again 🎶

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