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Can already tell I'm going to be way, WAY more bullish here than I am on normie Twitter

"But if you have not, and lay down a quarter, the bar-keeper or shopman calmly tenders you a dime by way of change; and thus you have paid what is called a long bit, and lost two and a half cents, or even, by comparison with a short bit, five cents."

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"When it comes to two bits, the quarter-dollar stands for the required amount. But how about an odd bit? The nearest coin to it is a dime, which is, short by a fifth. That, then, is called a short bit. If you have one, you lay it triumphantly down, and save two and a half cents."

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"In the Pacific States they [...] settle their affairs by a coin that no longer exists – the bit, or old Mexican real. The supposed value of the bit is twelve and a half cents, eight to the dollar."

-- Robert Louis Stevenson's Across The Plains, 1844

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Ever wanted to do something worthwhile with your old hardware ?

I repurpose a MacBook into a machine.

Mine runs

What you going to install ?

Just walked home in the rain eating mulberries. They were so good they reminded me of this bit from Kiarostami's 1997 film Tameh Gilas (A Taste of Cherry), about how mulberries saved a man's life:

Offers are way more interesting than this throwaway joke - recurring, reusable payments to you _or_ invoices for you, all Lightning native (as in, you just need your node, no extra web server required).

Check out the examples at

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1/ The new bipartisan infrastructure bill in the Senate includes new tax reporting obligations for crypto.

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Thread on the latest in internet censorship in Iran (1/16)

Someone is about to make a ton of money printing 'shadowy super coder' hoodies and t-shirts

The strategy of having 27 different members of the 'L̶i̶b̶r̶a̶ Diem association' assigned to handle governance - presumably to avoid being seen as a 'Facebook coin' - doesn't seem to have worked

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An insanely useful new paper: "In this survey, we particularly focus on comparing and evaluating mixing techniques in the Bitcoin blockchain, present their limitations, and highlight the new challenges."


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The Internet doomed to fail over unfulfilled promises (1996)

Everybody's a cypherpunk until the regulators start dropping hints in their keynote speeches

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