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Can already tell I'm going to be way, WAY more bullish here than I am on normie Twitter

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Computing Expert Says Programmers Need More Math

“If you’re thinking without writing, you only think you’re thinking.” —Leslie Lamport

brb, taking the sha256sum of every file on my hard drive and turning that into a merkle sum sparse merkle tree. it's free and the cops can't stop you

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Two things I just realized after reviewing BIPs and moving on to docs:

1) Taro assets can be committed to and transferred entirely on-chain; Lightning makes it more convenient but isn't a requirement

2) Asset = any string that can be shoved into a sparse merkle tree

can d̶e̶v̶s̶ people who forget jewelry on the beach do something??

Show thread people that sweep beaches for random scraps of metal consider themselves to be a "community"?

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UN special rapporteur: Sanctions impact vulnerable groups, heads of household, stop international agencies from providing humanitarian aid due to difficulties in transfer of money. (Sanctions) exacerbate the situation, interfere in ordinary life, violate humanitarian laws.

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1/7 New write-up:

Imagine you can encrypt all of an application's P2P network connections, but only some are deliberately to specific peers, while others are just made randomly.

How private can you make an authentication protocol for this use case? Very!

"The pensions are not denominated in Zimbabwe dollars, since they quickly evaporate, nor in American dollars, since many Zimbabweans are struggling to obtain any.

Instead, they are denominated in cows, which the government can’t print."

"This gas-for-rubles mechanism – call it Rublegas – is just the first concrete building block in the construction of an alternative financial/monetary system, in tandem with many other mechanisms..."

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Theory: Sanctions are an inflationary shock. Part of the reason that income inequality rises during sanctions periods is that "firms remain in a position to increase selling prices" as supply-chain disruptions persist. Shareholders do very well.

See this chart from @BrankoMilan:

Quiet Saturday making Philly style soft pretzels. Gonna go great with all this salt

"The new free trade agreement between Australia and the UK includes a site blocking paragraph. The text requires the countries to provide injunctive relief to require ISPs to prevent subscribers from accessing pirate sites. "

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