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Food and fuel shortages are coming.

The answer is not more price controls, CBDCs, managed trade deals.

The answer is get the government out of the way, and let free markets work.

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NEW 馃挜 Telegram app users can now buy using official crypto wallet 馃挜

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Panama moves to adopt (and cryptocurrencies). The law just needs to be signed by the president. It would give Bitcoin legal status and remove capital gains. Another domino.

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馃挜 CNBC reporter sent BTC from Miami to someone in Poland, who withdrew it as cash at an ATM in only 3 minutes.

The magic of

I'm all for helping Ukrainian people affected by this mess, but fuck Zelensky. Just another liar only pretending to care about the people while playing more games.

The attack will still fail miserably, but it's the only thing they can try.

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PoW is so secure the only way to attack it is via physical violence, aka politics.

I absolutely hate my OnePlus 9 Pro after upgrading to Android 12.

I'd easily pay $2000 for a stable, polished Linux phone with at least mid-range hardware and basic compatibility with (sandboxed) Android apps.

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馃嚚馃嚘| Thank you, @TuckerCarlson and for picking up my speech about in The Parliament!
I am honored!
The real 'threats to democracy' (aka Trudeau) need exposing!

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"We need to be legal tender in Mexico." - Mexican senator 馃嚥馃嚱

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Supporting military and supporting war are very different positions.

Every society needs a militia, no one needs war.

Declaring war for political reasons makes soldiers lives meaningless, just a number.

Lol I pay my favorite independent journalists $10-20 per month, and I feel like $3 for CNN+ is about $103 too much.

Since Wasabi has lost its way, I'll be taking a closer look at Samurai's mixer over the weekend. Probably long overdue.

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I am truly astonished how many people base their beliefs on the premise, that there is or even could be someone in power, who is both benevolent and cannot be corrupt. Truly remarkable fallacy.

Apologies for subposting.
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