"Every economic agent must accept bitcoin as payment" Impressive if true

So the public will think that the govt has access to wallets, like in a bank acc. Should this help against the “it is for criminals” narrative?

Regulators can easily ban bitcoin. Just pass a law or whatever. The question is how successful the enforcement of such a ban would be

64 is the local top. It shouldn’t take longer than 4 years now. Sit tight

Lightning is drsperately needed, now. Payments is bitcoin's Akheeles' heel - without widespread p2p payments fungibility and censorship resistance go out the window very fast

They don’t understand how this works. They don’t understand how any of this works

Shitcoins in freefall, stablecoins peaking, bitcoin steady at 1 btc. Nice! Time to divest from stablecoins I think

So digital yuan features are:

- mandatory tie to ID
- no issuance cap
- instant government withdrawals for fines and taxes
- expiration date (like a coupon or airline mile), “to boost consumption when needed”
- limit on amount held by one person
- water-tight cross-border capital controls
- real-time surveillance with AI

It will be a hit among consumers! Satoshi himself must have consulted on these design choices! /s

At least two multi-billionaires came up with their versions of “rat poison squared” argument against bitcoin. It seems that they understand that bitcoin endangers their income and wealth

Not buying a Tesla until its Technoking comes to his senses. And no Starlink either, thanks

Teslas consume electricity in the same way ASICs do. No difference

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