So China and Russia have more freedom now than the UK

Bitcoin crashes to levels not seen since last week

In bitcoin terms your net worth is shrinking every day

Everyone knowing the joke "Netflix and Chill", is making it extremely
difficult for me to Netflix and chill.
-IDrewTheDuckBlue, Dec 2015

Europe/US followed China's authoritarian lead on the pandemic response. Centuries of private freedoms' talk out the window because of a health scare. Shameful

Facebook will be on its deathbed 5 years from now

Bitcoin is our only hope. We must be careful not to break it

Interesting (long) thread on the RH/GME saga explaining the mechanics of the markets.

Does it mean that we go to Mars now instead of the moon?

I know it's not strictly bitcoin related, but the meme-level was savage: Gamestop comment on Robinhood "let the people trade", lol.

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