LNCM enables first retail Lightning ⚡Network payment in 🌏South East Asia!

We'll let everyone easily accept LN payments in 2019.

100% open-source on affordable hardware.


Come and join us today at Ryan’s for steak and hacking on Raspberry Pi based Lightning apps!

See github.com/lncm/ideas or PM for details

@Sthaosin @doweig "Miami, Florida – Bitcoin buyer shoots robber in self defense"

A currency’s value is determined by the amount of buy-side support, i.e. liquidity.

A currency’s usefulness is determined by the degree of resistance to price displacement, i.e. buy and sell side depth.

Market capitalization and “dominance” is nonsense as it doesn’t take into account asset inertia.

Today Twitter kills off third party API support needed for push notifications and auto-refreshing timeline.

Long live Mastodon!

If I could choose an on-chain amount to send in Zap iOS it would replace my other wallets completely.

@djbooth007 Oh Google Maps embeds of course too, and let's not forget that Google Play services are running with everything people download on their Android phones

@djbooth007 Not only! There's also Google fonts, various Google APIs for cloud services, DNS, YouTube embeds, Google Plus buttons, AMP, and more

"Google-owned tracking scripts are present on an incredible 75% of the top million websites. "

@landonmutch @aantonop Antonopoulos is right on both accounts. 1. ETF will happen (sooner or later)
2. ETF and all other custodial holders are a BAD idea.

However you can’t argue with stupid when people want it their way™️

Custodial holders are always at risk of being robbed or not being able to hold their peg due to forks, etc. Someone is bound to lose money.

@alonsovalencia You can download the txt and other formats. There’s also plugins to extend functionality

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