1/ Radio amateurs from outpaced companies and a certain billionaire in sending to the and back to Earth. Mind-boggling!


2/ While you are maybe waiting for bitcoin’s price to go to the moon, one Bitcoin transaction was already on the moon. On April 24th 2021 a transaction was sent from Belo Horizonte to the Moon and back to Campinas.

3/ And that’s how it worked: A Bitcoin transaction is like a small text file, this text file was morsed and transmitted over radio signals to the moon, where the signal was mirrored and sent back on earth to 600km away Campinas.

5/ In Campinas the recipient decoded it from morse, signed the transaction and sent it to the Bitcoin network to be mined. After being included in the blockchain it reached the final recipient. satoshi.radio.br/wp/

6/ It took 3 months of intense preparation to accomplish the feat. The next experiment, which will be broadcasted live, the group will make a payment over the from the state of Minas Gerais to the Amazon region.

7/ In addition, the group did a second broadcast playing the lunar solo teasing , where it was said: “Elon, we did it first!” to show that you don’t have to be some eccentric billionaire to push the boundaries of the earth in search of freedom.

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