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Running bitcoinhackers...again was here in Aug 2018 already. Let's see if it gains traction in 2021.

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3/ Then I showed the consumer price inflation of the last decade in Austria, which is 19%. This week I found an interesting chart showing the constant loss in purchasing power of the US Dollar.

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2/ One example of that breaches of trust, that Satoshi Nakamoto was speaking of, is the devaluation of fiat currencies. In last weeks newsletter I was telling you about the rampant inflation in Germany and Austria 100 years ago.

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1/ "The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust." – Satoshi Nakamoto

5/ If you like that kind of content, feel free to subscribe to Anita's Weekly with the best stories and educational resources in from my point of view. Every Friday in your mailbox:

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4/ ...beat back a North Dakota Senate bill that would have required Apple to let iPhone and iPad users download alternative app stores and let developers change their payment options.

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3/ One bill, which would let developers sidestep the two companies’ 30 percent fees on digital purchases, cleared the Arizona House by a 31-29 vote Wednesday. Last month, Apple and Google...

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2/ It was also easy for big tech companies to build monopolies in recent times. But it seems things are shifting. App developers like Spotify, Hey or Epic games are fighting the 30% fees they have to pay to Apple’s store to be listed.

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1/ Why we need more decentralization

It is easy for oppressive governments to crack down on its people, they just have to restrict access to social media sites and servers. Happened in Senegal this week.

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⚠️ Confirmed: Social media and messaging apps restricted in amid political unrest following arrest of opposition leader; real-time metrics show Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Telegram CDN servers disrupted, l…

Disappointing take by Seth. I‘m a fan of his work, although I share some of his NFT bubble thoughts, I disagree with the energy arguments. Last year I was answering some of his wrong assumptions about on his podcast
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NFTs are a dangerous trap

In case you want to know, what an NFT is...follow me ▶️
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On Friday, Kings of Leon will release their new album, titled When You See Yourself, in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) — becoming the first band to ever do so.

The most interesting stories this week?

→ why we need more decentralization,
→ the meltdown of fiat currencies,
→ bitcoin's volatility,
→ why we will reach 220k bitcoin soon,
→ and the social impact of Bitcoin ...

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Crypto Art: What is an NFT?: Interview with Anita Posch. Dropping into the story on Austrian radio FM4 - cheers to @RiemHigazi via @radiofm4

“Bitcoin will eat all capital markets.” – @maxkeiser
From Wall Street and Hollywood to real Bitcoin OGs. The fascinating story of @stacyherbert @maxkeiser

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New Ep. 102 with @stacyherbert and @maxkeiser hosts of Keiser Report and @orangepillpod

→ Max explains his 220k price prediction
→ how to assess the value of Bitcoin
→ Stacy introduces the Bitcoin renaissance
→ ...don't miss this


Big tech monopolies should end and will end.
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1. So something extraordinary happened today on the anti-monopoly front. And not where you'd expect. Not in Congress. Or at the Federal level. Or in Europe.

But in Arizona.

Some legislators stood up to Apple and Google. And they won. This is the story.

Though you can learn the basics to use it overnight.

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Congratulations @J9Roem money well spent thanks to @gladstein
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Today, the @HRF has announced four new grants as part of its Bitcoin Development Fund, a program launched last year to financially support Bitcoin developers who are working to make the network more private, decentralized and resilient.

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