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Running bitcoinhackers...again was here in Aug 2018 already. Let's see if it gains traction in 2021.

Bitcoin-native NFT marketplace @NFTdroppr is dropping soon, but now they need support 👇
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We're submitting an MVP of @NFTdroppr to @IvanOnTech's @MoralisWeb3 hackathon on 31 Jan, so we'd appreciate your support in upvoting @rsksmart's integration proposal to MoralisDAO, enabling an NFT market anchored on bitcoin!

adoption is growing like a snowball rolling down a hill. German basketball national league team @ratiopharmulm - currently top 3 - is accepting payments via @Breez_Tech POS in their store. Thanks to @turm_im for onboarding them!

And VISA payments aren't even settled, can be censored and are not private.
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's annual settlement volume has officially surpassed Visa's.

Interviewing @Joshua_LC_Young of @NewStoryCharity about the world's first mortgages paid over the and building 100+ houses in El Zonte to end homelessness.

Will be out Feb 3.
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Which logo for the "Bitcoin for Fairness" initiative @BTCFairness do you like the most? 👇 see logos below

I was talking with @f_forough one year ago about the situation for women in , her school "Code to inspire" and how can support the lives of women.

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"We found that actually there are a bunch of local money exchanges in the financial district of Herat that are accepting crypto and they can cash it out for you in either afghanis or dollars," @f_forough said.

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The economy in Afghanistan is in collapse. Forough said she wanted to send emergency payments to these women, but, frustratingly, most of her transactions were blocked by Western Union and JPMorganChase. And often, her students were unable to withdraw cash at local banks.

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This is why matters!
Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021 many women lost their jobs because of the Taliban's policies. "And as the sole breadwinners, their families were falling apart."- says @f_forough.

Not looking good. Prices go up.
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Producer Prices increased a massive 35.90 percent in December of 2021 over the same month in the previous year.

My price prediction?

It can go up or down in the short run.

Clever money management with long-term thinking is key.
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vibes tho

Have you claimed your node in the telegram group? Read about the worrying privacy problems!👇🏻
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Instead, exposes its members to a whole variety of security risks while engaging in the most irresponsible adoption-at-all-costs marketing campaign to get rekt on the internet which we have seen since the dawn of .

Best FOSS inventor in the space @arcbtc has built something new!
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Introducing ! 🥳🚀
Completely free and open-source point-of-sale, that can do:
- offline AND online
- Onchain (using xPub)
- LNURL-withdraw for refunds and OTC! 🤩
All now configurable through an easy access-point🤯

Hier ein informativer Reisebericht über in gefilmt, geschnitten, gesprochen, recherchiert vom Ein-Frau-Wunder @Doenino. Hat Spaß gemacht mit dir zu arbeiten.

Oh my goodness. who could have known?

Remittances, sending money in and out of Zimbabwe, Venezuela...still working. Inflation in Nigeria still higher. Long-term perspective still excellent.

Oh woooow. Looking forward 🥳
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Great episode.

This pic from Lake Izabel has been my wallpaper on an off for almost 10 years.

Love to share some chicken pepián followed by rellenitos and coffee purchased with Sats while enjoying this view with the two of you someday.

@yengmo @AnitaPosch

Hey @TeamYouTube you closed this account, but @labitconf is an important educational resource and the first cryptocurrency conference in Latin America. Give them their channel back!
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¡Alguien está intentando silenciar a !

Nuestro canal de @YouTube de LABITCONF fue cerrado y las apelaciones aún no han sido respondidas. ❌

Por favor @Youtubespanol detengan esta absurda censura y concéntrense en las estafas reales …

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