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Running bitcoinhackers...again was here in Aug 2018 already. Let's see if it gains traction in 2021.

An expert on hyper-inflation understanding nothing about a non-inflationary money.
A decentralized asset has to be volatile as long as it grows. Long-term it's more stable than any fiat money.
Read my book Mr. @steve_hanke
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 is an asset that is extremely volatile, susceptible to fraud, and highly uncertain. What could go wrong? Bitcoin is nothing more than a highly speculative ass…

Jamie Dimon, Sept. 2017
"Bitcoin is a fraud that's 'worse than tulip bulbs"
Sept. 2021
"That does not mean it can’t go 10 times in price in the next five years."

I don't know, what I'm talking about, but I'm still sure, that I'm right.

Next episode with one of the architects of the @Snyke a @Blockstream developer and Bitcoin OG discussing their new product Greenlight dropping on Thursday.

Mama Rosa was the first to accept in El Zonte @Bitcoinbeach. Listen to her👇🏻⚡️
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Meet Mama Rosa: the first vendor in to accept over 2.5 years ago ☀️


China didn't ban the use of because of climate or money laundering concerns (as stated in most articles). It banned it, because of the roll out of their own central bank digital surveillance currency.

Now overseas exchanges are forbidden in China too. But owning BTC is still allowed. Therefore (I guess) P2P payments are still allowed too.
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The China PBOC notice doesn't contain anything new.

As before, they make it clear that the usage of crypto AS A CURRENCY is prohibited.

However, ownership remains permitted. It is property afterall.

At the same time we're in the live premiere of my interview with @fulmolightning amd @rootzoll about the this happens 👇⚡LN payments on Twitter!
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The craziest thing you’ll see today? An instant, free, cross-border payment on @Twitter.

Twitter’s integration with the Strike API turns Twitter into one of the best remittance experiences in the world.

Here’s the view from my phone as I remit money to El…

Join us at the live premiere of my interview with @RaspiBlitz maintainers @fulmolightning and @rootzoll , who will be joining the chat too. @SovrynBTC
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We're proud to support @AnitaPosch's work in educating the world about and the

Join the live premiere of the interview with @fulmolightning and @rootzoll about the @RaspiBlitz and the Lightning Network and have a chat in 10 minutes

Definitely will do...but for now: everybody listen! 👇
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@AnitaPosch @RaspiBlitz @rootzoll @fulmolightning @SovrynBTC Awesome interview.

Do a part 2 and do a deep dive into lightning...

Listen to the podcast in your favorite podcast player

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“If you're running a Lightning node you’re a part of replacing the VISA and Mastercard networks.”

New episode with @RaspiBlitz maintainers @rootzoll and @fulmolightning

👉 presented by @SovrynBTC

Sound money needs an anchor in the real world, needs to be free from human intervention and hard to produce. 👇
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Business school screwed us. How come no one ever taught us real sound money principles? Thanks @adam3us 🙏   @AnitaPosch

Support kids in and donate a little bit of for science kits. Made with @BTCPayServer
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Happy humpday! We only have 7days left to fundraise to buy 40 science kits to help make STEM education more accessible for kids who wouldn’t normally have access. So far we have US$340 (15 kits) & still need to raise US$560🚨1 kit=US$22.50. Donate

Get yourself a full node like the @RaspiBlitz, install your own blockexplorer and check your transactions without being surveilled.
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SCOOP: @chainalysis has been secretly operating a bitcoin block explorer site,, and scraping certain visitors' IP addresses to find leads for law enforcement clients, leaked documents show.

@realDannyNelson reports

NEVER share the words of your seed phrase and NEVER download a new software version when prompted by a mail. Verify the software change on the official Website and official Twitter account. Verify the software signature.
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MOST IMPORTANTLY: Never share the 24 words of your recovery phrase with anyone, even if they are pretending to be a representative of Ledger. Ledger will never ask you for them. Ledger will never contact you v…

Erdogan at war with mathematics. Makes sense.

"Erdogan's rule has been marked with increasing authoritarianism, expansionism, censorship and banning of parties or dissent." Wikipedia

Don't rely on second or third grade sources. Look up the all-time-high yourself. I am using Coingecko. You can follow the price in USD and Euro and many other currencies and see the difference to the ATH in percent

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