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someone should also calculate the KWh consumption and CO2 emissions of adtech to be honest, i bet they are killing the planet nearly as bad as bitcoin mining.

Psst, I think I'm getting the hang of this PyQt stuff.

Get in here and watch me embarass myself.

One of the weird things about being on an ActivityPub-based federated social network is watching this weird meta-drama unfold about which software implementation is morally correct to use when I look over at the Global Timeline.

"Don't use that one, it has <Group I don't like> on it!"

That's a result of this being ActivityPub, and has nothing to do with the software that implements ActivityPub.

And because "subtweeting" is a dumb issue people bring up I'm going to tag @kaniini on this fart.

No really, PyQt documentation basically is shit.

Had a nice rant on a friend's personal slack.

Learning PyQt is driving me up a wall.

Holy fuck documentation on PyQt is ass.

Like go Google PyQt5 QML, nearly guarantee that the entirety of your search results will be unusably outdated.

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Linux on the desktop: because it's easier to accept community-driven brokenness than profit-driven misbehavior

Where have I been? Where am I now? What have I been doing? Where am I going? Some of you may be interested to find out, on my first stream in months.

Unfortunately no longer a hodler. Bills gotta get paid.

Unfortunate, but I let myself get to this financial state.

The fight is looking up though, career prospects inbound.

I've started from zero before, I can rebuild.

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my 60yo aunt was memeing about monero yesterday

humanity has gone too far

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It's been five months since my departure from my previous company.

Depression is a motherfucker.

I've had to shake off a lot of rust, and bite, claw, and scratch my way out of my own head and get into a state of mind and motivation to learn and build cool shit.

Also in no small part thanks to some friends and family who were there to kick me in the ass and tell me to seek professional help.

I just overcame a big personal hurdle, but because I did I finally feel ready to say:

I'm back.

Oh fuck me Twitter is fucking up my notifications again.

"More than 2 people you follow retweeted this."

"More than 2 people you follow liked this tweet."

I don't care. Stop showing me this shit.

I just heard someone refer to the 'p' command in vim as 'puke' instead of 'put'.

Well, I'm putting that one in my pocket for use later.

So I haven't used Twitter in quite awhile.

However, I'm getting more and more followers randomly from fucking scamcoin vendors. I'm up to about one a day now.


So I'm learning how to actually do front end development so I can become gainfully employed again. Holy hell the amount of code that goes into dynamic resizing when it comes to video payback is just silly.

But fuck it, I got this working, and I'm proud of it.

@KingWm I'm not sure if you were asking me or @Shekelcoin earlier about why we use Arch.

Funny story, if you plug "Arch Linux Challenge" into Google, my Arch challenge story that I posted to Reddit should be on the front page.

You mentioned that Arch isn't listed as a too ten server distro. That's largely because it's not really meant to be a distro with features that focus on what server admins prioritize.

Me on the left when CTF finally gets added to Quake Champions.

So I'm watching the Quake tournament at Dreamhack, and why is my video buffering?

Oh...someone picks NOW to sync the blockchain from me.

Suddenly I'm rethinking my stance on running a node on my home connection.

Looks like I fixed whatever the problem was on my end that didn't allow incoming connections 👀

It's also slightly disappointing that BTCPayServer will only give you the admin macaroon for lnd, and in an initial conversation on slack it looks like they don't think giving the invoice macaroon is a good idea.

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