Node back up and running, been doing some hardcore lnd looping this morning.

No really, PyQt documentation basically is shit.

Had a nice rant on a friend's personal slack.

Learning PyQt is driving me up a wall.

So I'm learning how to actually do front end development so I can become gainfully employed again. Holy hell the amount of code that goes into dynamic resizing when it comes to video payback is just silly.

But fuck it, I got this working, and I'm proud of it.

Me on the left when CTF finally gets added to Quake Champions.

So I'm watching the Quake tournament at Dreamhack, and why is my video buffering?

Oh...someone picks NOW to sync the blockchain from me.

Suddenly I'm rethinking my stance on running a node on my home connection.

Looks like I fixed whatever the problem was on my end that didn't allow incoming connections 👀

Man, the whole 5 column setup in Mastodon made the thing look REALLY packed in and felt claustrophobic.

One Stylish add-on later? Muuuuch better.

God it feels good to be writing code again.

After I lost my job in August I could barely muster the motivation to even open my dev environment for like two months.

I mean I still need to find gainful employment before my savings runs out, but this is progress at least.

This Federated Timeline concept is a little difficult to understand, and is turning into a real shitshow.

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