Wonder if it's a good idea to just close my LN channels on my PiBlitz and move them to my ColdCard before upgrading the PiBlitz.

@amp what LN client are you using? LND allows for the creation of channel state backups, so you could export those and save them onto a USB drive or something, and then update the Pi and re-load your channels into LND later.

fwiw, I've never had a problem keeping open channels when updating LND. I've created backups each time, but haven't had to use them. After the update, LND just picks up where it left off, all channels still functional.

I'm using LND on my RaspiBlitz, but I made some silly decisions, such as not backing up my seed words, and my googling seems to indicate that you can't get them afterward.

Thinking a nuke/reimage/pave is appropriate for this situation.

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