It's been five months since my departure from my previous company.

Depression is a motherfucker.

I've had to shake off a lot of rust, and bite, claw, and scratch my way out of my own head and get into a state of mind and motivation to learn and build cool shit.

Also in no small part thanks to some friends and family who were there to kick me in the ass and tell me to seek professional help.

I just overcame a big personal hurdle, but because I did I finally feel ready to say:

I'm back.

@amp Raising serotonin level is said to increase feelings of happiness/contentment. 4 ways to increase serotonin, and all are free: making human connections, contributing to a larger cause, coping with stress and cooking real food.....or so I’m told🙂

Working my way back into a much healthier routine. Doing more cooking, eventually want to be working out a bit more.

#1 has to be finding gainful employment again though. Been running on savings way too long and I'm officially on borrowed time financially.

Getting diagnosed and put on Fluoxetine though has been a big help for motivation though.

Once I regain some financial stability, I can get back to my passion projects -- enabling Bitcoin for content creators and social media.

@amp Keep growing.
Possibly carnivory would be an idea for you. I have seen lots of anecdotal evidence recently that depression was healed or at least controlled with it.

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