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It's been five months since my departure from my previous company.

Depression is a motherfucker.

I've had to shake off a lot of rust, and bite, claw, and scratch my way out of my own head and get into a state of mind and motivation to learn and build cool shit.

Also in no small part thanks to some friends and family who were there to kick me in the ass and tell me to seek professional help.

I just overcame a big personal hurdle, but because I did I finally feel ready to say:

I'm back.

Writing a plugin for BTCPay, the return of CoinJerk.

Come watch me write software.

Back on my software shit

Come watch me make a BTCPayServer Plugin.

Node back up and running, been doing some hardcore lnd looping this morning.

My raspiblitz lightning node lives again!

This time I backed up my seed for real. Let's see what kind of trouble I can get into with this.

I just spent like 4 hours going down three rabbit holes trying to make sure I don't get rekt by this lnd upgrade in my raspiblitz.

And I still likely will need a hardware purchase after this.

Writing code live on camera on the internet video feed!

Some bitcoin stuff ahead!

Wonder if it's a good idea to just close my LN channels on my PiBlitz and move them to my ColdCard before upgrading the PiBlitz.

I might just try electrs on the piblitz again, since the problem wasn't my node, but my channel choice.


Just closed all my lightning channels with nodes that had Clearnet-only IPs, and opened new channels with high-cap nodes that advertised both a Tor address and a clearnet IP.

That seems to have done the trick, I can make payments again!

I'm liking this raspiblitz more and more!

Been having some issues sending payments over LN with my RasPiBlitz. Now spending time trying to diagnose why.

I think it may have to do with my node being behind tor-only, but most of my channels being with clearnet nodes.

Might want to close my channels with clearnet nodes, and see if I can find routing nodes that I can peer with via tor and support clearnet.

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What's a better use of my Thursday evening? Putting down the groundwork of my next actual software project, or starting my personal migration away from GitHub?

Alright, unpopular food opinion time.

Runny eggs are a sin. They should be as dry as cheap hotel eggs. Scrambled only.

The only good application for mayonnaise is tartar sauce.

The best condiment for fries is tartar sauce.

If you dip chicken tenders in sauce of any kind, you've never had good tenders.

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