any mini linux servers recommendations? i want to run one mini private server.

@alonsovalencia Real happy with the ODROID over the Pi at the pricepoint for btc / lightning server. It would be great for a 2.5 or 3.5" simple NAS + whatever server too.

@Stadicus has written about the ODROID and turned me onto it.

@alonsovalencia @TheOuterLinux

I use fujitsu esprimo q900/q9000 (more models). Silent, runs a full btc node too.
Mint linux.

@alonsovalencia @TheOuterLinux
Strange...Esprimo is not sold to the public in US. I bought mine used, in EU, they are $500 new, $100 used here.

I also have used raspberry pi, but i find the housing clumsy and the sd card prone to corruption. And the ARM chip sometimes limits the avaiable software.

I think the Gigabyte mini pc is similar . You have to order RAM and disk separatly. ~ 200$ total. More than RB Pi , but worth it, imho.

@alonsovalencia There's a lot of ways to do this, but this one looks interesting: Also, BerryBoot should have NextCloud as an install option. For buying a Pi, you'll have to search Amazon. If you pay more than 70 USD for a kit, then you've payed too much. You'll probably need a hard drive though. Any USB one will work. Otherwise, get a large SD card.

@alonsovalencia And the cool thing is, they're are plenty of desktop and phone applications to access your NextCloud server and you can share access with friends and family and limit access too.

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