Hello #mastodon users! I'm here in a quest for a twitter alternative. I'm am engineering manager and interested in #tech, #programming, #management, #politics and #philosophy.

if government raises interest rates then Central Banking will perpetuate it's power under Keynesian economics. Let the CB burn smooth and clean. Buy Bitcoin

Success for Bitcoin does not mean becoming a global currency and UoA. Minimum Viable Success in my mind is becoming a large, independent virtual commodity that is easy to move wealth in and out of without restriction

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The US dollar was originally a layer 2 scaling solution for gold. Then the Fed broke the peg but the people lacked the technology to UASF. fixed this.

Haha, what's worrying is that some people still look to the mainstream media as their primary information source. 😅
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I may not be Trump's #1 disciple, but it's striking how fast the US media has done a hard turn from "the President is a total buffoon" to "look at these lovely drapes Kamala and her husband chose."

just a heads up: please grab your own copy of the #bitcoin whitepaper and store it carefully

there are some unsavory characters using legal threats to use its uncertain licensing status to bully sites into removing it from the internet

i will not provide any details at this time

It is right to characterize Bitcoin as political. It is deeply political.

the more lqiuid Bitcoin gets, the more confidence it gets

Home cooking helps you stack more sats.

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When you fully understand the basics of you can only fall in love.

If not:

- you didn't get the basics ➡️ DYOR
- you're following bad "experts" ➡️ don't trust, verify
- you're in bad faith (we can't help)
- you have a fetish for the current monetary system 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ twitter.com/desperateSia/statu

as more stiumulus come more people will migrate to Bitcoin

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