@mtc the source seems to have disappeared from twitter - how can I tweet this?

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This woman has more balls than 90% of the men in this country.

Well played 👏🏻

an attempt to stir up hatred against the most evil law of which I have ever been a subject, conceived of and passed by people functionally illiterate of Scotland's history and culture.


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My fellow ecosocialists, we are now almost at 200 signatories. We can do this. Stop energy waste. Save the planet. . ❤️🌎change.org/p/governments-don-t

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@excellion well, well, well, look who's pumping their petition on every medium they can think of.

I signed yours btw. just to flex.

@giacomozucco hahaha, damn it, should have thought of "Bitcoin CEO" for the bio. I've moved on to mocking Chamath now anyway.

@giacomozucco fear not, Giacomo - as the duly elected official representative of bitcoiner twitter, I have made it my Saturday mission to beat the cringe out of him and get him back onside with the plebs.

shit just got real over on the ol' twitter dot com

@georgevaccaro thanks George, glad you liked it and good to connect. I've said a few times before here that this is my safe space for when twitter gets too crazy 😂

@Crabel I don't so I can't help practically, but I'm very interested in this work. care to share?

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