Does anyone in here have an academic background in economics.

I’d like to publish a paper where by using the entropy functional I resolved the Allais paradox without modifying the axioms of game theory. This creates a formal methodology for choice under uncertainty (entropy) by including entropy with the utility functional.

Tested it on Bitcoin back in 2013, just didn’t have the derivation. Now I have the derivation.

Also forgot to mention this approach derives macroeconomics from game theory

Reading @allenf ”Bitcoin is Venice” the role of language and shared experience in the context of quantifiable human interactions and how we reach consensus, it all clicked.

@Crabel @allenf
Amazing piece, the whole 3-part series is really great -- next-level long-read content.

Oh, you're on Mastodon! Amazing :)

Jordan Peterson recommended your blog about Venice, I read it and was like WOW. Then I read the other 2 and now I need to re-read the entire series one more time, slowly with like taking notes and thinking deeply -- this is a very serious material, I'm sure you spent a lot of time on it. Really deep and smart. Cheers!

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