Y’all come check us out on Clubhouse. Huge crew of bitcoiners on there. Weekly meetup 9pm ET Wednesdays, but always lots of us on there.

Good morning to everyone except people outside the fediverse

Imagine being bearish on bitcoin with all the shit going on, and all the shit that is about to happen

A lot of people have been saying BTC is trading above $20K USD in Iran, but that’s not true at all. It’s based on a claim by the EXIR exchange, where BTC was trading for 1B Iranian Rials (IRR) last week. With the official exchange rate (published by Iranian govt) at 42K IRR per 1 USD, that would indeed be about $23K USD. But in reality Iranians are paying around 130K IRR per 1 USD. With LocalBitcoins showing 1 BTC @ 800M IRR, that’s about $6150 USD at the actual exchange rate.

Is anyone sick of Fintech Frank as much as me? Dude constantly reports rumors as "scoops," like when he said Facebook was "partnering" with Stellar, then Facebook flatly denied it. Or Goldman Sachs CFO calling his stories "fake news," or this Coinbase consult with BlackRock's blockchain working group... we need to give Business Insider the name it deserves: Business Clickbait.

So I just got on here. Seems pretty good. Can anyone recommend a good mobile app for iOS?

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