Sorry this site was down for that last five days! The power cord got disconnected - i plugged it into a better place now and going to keep an eye on it and mabe setup some alerting for myself (i already have remote monitoring):

Taking site down. If there is ask I can bring it back.

@alevchuk too complicated. We want 1 clink install. And we want a bitcoin node in the same machine.

@javier @alevchuk that's my point. With their app store up and running, it probably won't be long.
Even sooner for Start9 Embassy.

@SteakDestroyer @javier you were right, Star9 just rolled out Mastadon on Embassy.

@alevchuk I'm assuming 'regular' Mastodon users can communicate with users from an onion address instance without their client running on the tor network.

@SteakDestroyer clearnet instances don’t have Tor clients. I don’t know if it’s possible to push data. Yet, I can see the a Tor instance is able to pull data from clearnet on instances

@alevchuk replying as I don’t know how to bookmark yet. I have one of those raspberry pi built into the keyboard with 4 gb ram that I have only turned on long enough to update the software. It needs a purpose and this seems like a perfect fit.

@drgo CPU needs have a heatsink - passive cooling is good. temp needs to stays under ~60, I have the command for reporting temperature in the runbook.

@alevchuk Pleroma supports socks5 and is lighter on the pi

@Ben socks5 rocks. Mastodon seems to be light on the Pi - I’ll monitor it for longer of course. Mastodon codebase feels good and mature.

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