Taking site down. If there is ask I can bring it back.

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Sorry this site was down for that last five days! The power cord got disconnected - i plugged it into a better place now and going to keep an eye on it and mabe setup some alerting for myself (i already have remote monitoring):

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Got mad at me for trying to explain why that's not possible

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My kid wanted to give each kid 4 valentines cards in the preschool class of 14 and had meldown this morning because we only had 20 cards. 😅

550,000 sat bounty is going to be claimed in 1 day if no one else provides a better answer to how to mitigate against Flood & Loot: ln.support/317/

Toot from Python. Lost of firsts today. This is how I made this toot:
from toot import api, config
user, app = config.get_active_user_app()
response = api.post_status(app, user, "Toot from Python. Lost of firsts today...

As part of building LN Bot for Bitcoin fediverse this is my first toot from a CLI! Using toot.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

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Numbers on here are small today, but the people on Bitcoin Fedi are the ones building, teaching, stacking & HODLing.

Bullish on bitcoin thanks to the people I see here.

Picked up an armature radio manual expecting a ton of bureaucracy, yet instead it starts like this:

“communicate without regard to geographic and political barriers”

“to communicate with each other directly, without any other commercial or government systems”

This morning started reading the code and ordered a Pi so I can run my own instance of Mastodon for developing/testing...

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I want to hack on Mastadon. I specialize in integrating Lightning. E.g. here is an integration with Q&A open source website: twitter.com/matt_odell/status/

How can we make sats rock this?

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