Lets see how much this site has exploded.

Last Week
"statuses": "1710",
"logins": "232",
"registrations": "10"

This Week
"statuses": "7556",
"logins": "1527",
"registrations": "915"

@alanturing Probably a bigger jump than it looks, because a lot of those statuses last week would have been bots.

@alanturing last week the homepage had critical errors. Is it fixed now?

@pj Don't know ... I just joined here a couple days ago.

Beware… #BitcoinHackersDotOrg is #Cloudflare. We seem to be blacklisted from interacting with people on that domain.

General avoid.


@alanturing Wow nice to see the explosion; wasn't around much the last few months as it got kinda quiet. but let the party begin!

@alanturing +341% in statuses alone? Good god. No wonder I'm having trouble keeping up.

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