Connected to, ProtonMail, and through Tor Browser, and I didn't have to identify a single bus, crosswalk, or motorcycle.

@verretor People in Thailand will ride a motorcycle with a mask but without a crash helmet.

Any suggestions out there on the best browser lightning wallet?

We may be in a cult,
but for the first time,
our god is real.

That $49k-ish wall is a tough one to crack and tear down.

This is a test for proof of stake blockchains.

No matter how complicated, ask the proponent "How do I know for sure I'm connected to your POS chain?"

This question, cuts through all the complicated mumbo-jumbo in a POS white-paper.

The only solution for POS blockchains is to have an authoritative source for connecting to the chain. There is no way to simply look at a POS block and know it is authentic. It's not inherent in the block.

You are open to hackers with POS, unless you centralize.

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"Bitcoin "mining" is equivalent to the job of digging a hole and filling it back up."

When you connect to a blockchain, how do you know a hacker isn't in your computer/router/isp giving you fake blocks?

If you rely on a source to tell you where to connect, that blockchain is centralized.

If you give me one block, I know it is authentic. The cryptographic puzzle solved in this block is so hard, that there is only 1 computer system in the world that could have solved it:

Hey @nvk, why isn't Tesla on Bitcoin Treasuries yet?

Do we not know how many they bought?

RT @Liquid_BTC
How exchanges can benefit from using the :

πŸ” Boost liquidity with fast interexchange settlement
πŸ’΅ Stablecoin (e.g. $USDt) support
πŸ’Ž Additional asset support out of the box
πŸ”§ Ease of implementing
πŸ” -based, so easy to work with

Only a week ago was 37K,
and I’m demanding 50K.

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