@alan8325 no it doesn't; Monero fixes it.

Bitcoin is more transparent than a bank account, and (believe it or not) or banking privacy laws in the US are actually more strict than many places (though there are many more strict such as Switzerland or Curaçao for example.)

All I would have to do is have chainalysis run on the bitcoin transactions, maybe do a little investigative work if Tor or VPNs were involved, but it would be easy to unmask a Bitcoin user.

Its 2021 haha :)

knowing what you know now, does it seem logical ? "They thought you would follow the stars"


It does not. It makes it worse.
Moneroy, with its built in privacy may fix it, but bitcoin for sure not.

@rimugu Wrong. You can and should use Bitcoin privately.

After thought privacy measures in bitcoin are just that, after thoughts, not integral.

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