Stephen Diehl follows me, I can reply to his thread. What should I say lol. Probably will just get blocked.

I would say I’m more concerned about how fiat has been historically used to fund the military industrial war machine, and sound money has the opportunity to create a more peaceful society. But I guess opining on energy use and pyramid schemes is all critics have had for the past ten years. Yawn.

I like Steven, he’s a really good Haskell programmer. It’s a shame people don’t realize how bad the money printing is and why this technology exists in the first place. It’s going to be a struggle in the next couple decades for no coiners, I just feel bad for them. The fiat experiment is coming to an end, like it always does. If not Bitcoin hold hard assets, just do something or HFSP.

@jb55 He may be a great dev but he is a fucking retard. And a statist on top of that since he want Biden to prevent Americans from being involve in Bitcoin (lol)


@jb55 @Seccour We’re going to see a lot of communists push for the banning of Bitcoin as the price rises. Bitcoin is fundamentally at odds with their principles.

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@alan8325 @jb55 @Seccour Call them feudalists already. *They* want *their* bitcoin, but you're not supposed to have *yours*...

You could fund stuff that hurts them, and you know they're making that illigal wherever they can.
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