a decentralized cloudflare will be hard. I don't have any good ideas.

@jb55 it's not extremely hard to build your own dns server...therefore it's already decentralized.

@pj a CDN is more than a DNS server. it's having servers in local proximity to people requesting your content.


@jb55 @pj Perhaps there's some way to incentivize people to run local server clusters that serve the area in a decentralized network.

@jb55 @pj People running Lighting nodes are already keeping a server online. Maybe there's some overlap there.

@alan8325 @jb55 @pj Perhaps like a mesh network where nodes are incentivized like lightning network nodes when they relay of data?

@PaulTroon @jb55 @pj Or just conveniently integrating LN, perhaps packaged with a BTCPay server, so that one could run a small local CDN that an e-commerce provider could pay via LN to cache with.

@PaulTroon @jb55 @pj Anyone running these micro CDNs could register with a website where e-commerce providers could check to see which areas are available they'd like to have CDN service in and pay those CDNs with LN.

@PaulTroon @jb55 @pj Could be a good way to get incoming LN liquidity if you have a decent ISP service.

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