Is there a way to run Bitcoin miners off a young kid’s energy?

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.@Bisq Operations Lead @wiz, while on the Citadel Dispatch podcast, outlines the use case for the and other layer-2 networks. 🌊

China region declares war on crypto mining

"Inner Mongolia, which is clustered with large mines, is famous for ."

Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of , is reportedly banning cryptocurrency mining and plans for operations to close within months:

"[...] accounts for 8% of the hash rate."


Imagine your net worth consisting of $100M in Bitcoin, which they know about, and a $500k house during a time of 2% annual wealth taxes. Refusing to turn over your BTC probably means you lose your house and either can't own one again or you go to prison until you start turning over BTC.

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Keep a high proportion of your assets in BTC and keep the amount of BTC you have undisclosed.

World’s First eVTOL Airport Will Land This November

We have to admit that flying cars still sound pretty cool. But if we’re ever going to get this idea off the ground, there’s a truckload of harsh realities that must be faced head-on. The most obvious a…

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Stratum V2: Migration and Decentralization

"Stratum V2 limits the threat posed by out-of-band payments in the same way it fights centralization: by enabling job negotiation and allowing miners to order transactions themselves."

"While Stratum V2 faces significant hurdles to adoption, its success would be good for Bitcoin."



Check out You can host your own and it allows you to create custodial sub accounts.

It also has some great extensions, for example with LN-URL-Withdraw which makes it easy to give Sats away via simple links.

Really cool project from my good friend Ben: .

How would the tooth fairy give a child a small amount of Bitcoin in return for a tooth? The first thing that comes to mind is an Opendime, but would that be forced to be an amount that makes on-chain transaction fees worth it?

I’m thinking the best way might be for the parent to run a LN node and the tooth fairy somehow gives the child a wallet with some sats that are on the parents’ node.

They’re focused on Trump right now but at some point they’re going to refocus to a new “demon” and it might be Bitcoin.

@jon @Raindogdance I'm pretty sure that if you mine with stratum-v2 on slushpool in decentralized mode (where your full node picks the transactions), then slush has limited ability to censor blocks you create paying "forbidden" addresses.

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Bisq @bisq_network just got another upgrade. It's now possible to trade cash via mail. 💸

To make life a bit easier and safer for everyone, we're offering tamper proof cash bags made in Germany at the Fulmo Shop, 🦭

Keep decentralizing! ⚡️

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They’re gonna drone Republican weddings?

In half an hour, the first activation meeting on begins in #-activation on freenode!

Join via web browser:

- Discussion of activation params & making a formal proposal
- BIP review (2 PRs)
- Code review (1 PR)

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