We're steadily moving toward a world in which releasing Free Software will be an act of rebellion, and people will have to do it anonymously.

Draft EU AI Act regulations could have a chilling effect on open-source software

I wonder if motherboards that have sockets for both a CPU and a neuromorphic chip will be sold in the near future.

US mass surveillance, dragnets, ACAB 

#Police are able to search your #location months back without a warrant using a tool called Fog Reveal.

"It relies on advertising identification numbers, which Fog officials say are culled from popular cellphone apps such as Waze, Starbucks and hundreds of others that target ads based on a person’s movements and interests, according to police emails. That information is then sold to companies like Fog."

Avoid ad-supported apps as much as possible, especially for navigation where you have to give it your location. Don't give location permission to apps that don't really need it. Uninstall apps that ask for permissions they shouldn't need. And ideally, just don't install that app in the first place. Who the fuck needs the Starbucks or McDonald's app?

I use Magic Earth for navigation, but I also have a Garmin GPS navigator that isn't even capable of sharing my location except when I update it by plugging it into my computer, at which point it asks me whether or not it can upload my location history.


#waze #starbucks #ads #surveillance #masssurveillance #privacy #acab #dragnets #smartphones #apple #google

Via radio, satalites, lasers, clearnet, tor, sms and even via snailmail if you must.
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You can send via radio 📻

I have a feeling that rainwater collection is going to be a popular thing this winter in the drought-stricken southwest where water utilities will be forcing historic restrictions.

Marty's Bent Issue #1248: The privacy wars have escalated

Link: tftc.io/martys-bent/issue-1248
Comments: stacker.news/items/57080

is like Hacker News but it pays you

GitTorrent: A decentralization of GitHub using BitTorrent and Bitcoin

Link: github.com/cjb/GitTorrent
Comments: stacker.news/items/56736

is like Hacker News but it pays you

Looks like the US government has really kicked off their campaign against cryptocurrency privacy, finally going as far as criminalizing it. It will be interesting to see how much compliance there is among the privacy-conscious users and non-MSB businesses.

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I am an anon and privacy advocate. I used @TornadoCash to separate my IRL addresses from this pseudonym in a decentralized manner and preserve my privacy.

Some of my USDC is now gone. Depending on how they enforce this, all of my assets are at risk of sanction, incl. validators twitter.com/dylanleclair_/stat

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