PyBot is a 3D Printed SCARA Arm for the Masses

We’ve all seen videos of blisteringly fast SCARA arms working on assembly lines, and more than a few of us have fantasied about having that same kind of technology for the home shop. Unfortunately, while th…

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Yesterday Atlas Arms met its funding goal to accelerate development of the Dagny Dagger, a legal and open source (millable using the Ghost Gunner 3 CNC machine) armor piercing round.

I don't know why, but I have a feeling that LSAT by Lightning Labs is the missing piece in bringing about a new Internet. It's a game-changing technology.

Is the instance blocked here now?

Can't seem to see any content from there. Used to be able to.

Someone made a "face depixelizer" that turn a low-res pic of a face into a high-res one and of course the first thing they did is try it out with Doomguy and honestly that's pretty impressive but also hilarious

Build Your Own Grid Tie Inverter

Inverters that convert DC into AC are pretty commonplace, some cars even have standard AC receptacles in them for you to plug in your favorite appliance. However, there’s a particular type of inverter called a grid tie i…

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Lightning is now a multi-lane highway with Multi-Path Payments!🛣️

Today we're releasing a post on MPP, a new feature in lnd that allows users to send a payment in multiple parts, enabling efficient routing, lower fees, and better privacy.

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Barr is still on his bender to destroy encryption, and a new bill in the works would allow him to do just that. "It opens the door for the government to require new measures to screen users’ speech and even backdoors to read your private communications..."

Seattle Police officers recorded running into pedestrians with their bikes on crowded sidewalks and then arresting the victims for assault.

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