Most likely scenario if we don't start busting heads. 👇
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@Ragnarly Calling it now: within a decade the flow of migrants over the southern border reverses as Latin America becomes the beacon of hope.

might mess around and buy some fiat so i can remember what it feels like to be a cuck

Now that Twitter is going to implement LN tipping via Strike (KYCed), how might one add a convenient noncustodial LN tipping function to a Mastodon server?

I guess the simplest way is to just attach a BOLT12 offer QR code to every toot.

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Snapshot of market prices for dual funded LN liquidity (currently experimental feature). Amazing to imagine the potential of wallet integrations, improved UX and build-out of (decentralized) infrastructure around this.

And then pretend I didn't see the guards waving me into secondary inspection as I cross back into CA.

A friend told me it's worked before. 👀

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Well shit, now even when GPUs are available again, I might have to drive out of state to get one.

If, hypothetically, there's a large-scale ISP crackdown on dissent and local freedom-loving but separated (some in Texas, some in Idaho, etc.) communities were to set up their own 4G/5G networks via open source software and hardware, what sorts of ways would they be able to bridge with each other across the tyrant areas?

It's just a tattooed QR code that the government can be charged a lot of money for. "Quantum" sounds expensive.

I don't think it's very useful to try to argue against the FUD that Bitcoin is "right wing." They won't be convinced. Just let them yell at Bitcoin. They may manage to get some anti-Bitcoin laws passed. Bitcoin won't care.

In my view coinjoins, swaps and lightning usage makes us able to make fungible, clean, shred it's history and use it as it was intended:
a provably scarce, unstoppable bearer asset.
The best money ever invented.

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