The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

If seems volatile, it's just because the future is not very evenly distributed yet.

“Getting rich by holding is not an unfair reward for doing nothing. It's the market's just reward for divesting your wealth out of central banking and all the death, destruction and decivilization it brings the world.” - @saifedean

is a startup with the largest addressable market you can ever imagine - the $400 trillion of global wealth.

"The base assumption for fiduciaries can no longer be a dollar-only future. The monetary and cryptography sciences have officially merged, and has already achieved global reserve currency status." - Nik Bhatia

Future memes and shitposts on crypto twitter are not priced in.

"If helps free us from an ever-growing statism stultifying our economy, constraining innovation, and debasing the money on which both limp along, it will have achieved one of the greatest advances in a century."

You are a Bitcoiner, you just don't know it yet.

is the finest monument of our age. Every sat that you stack has the same meaning as every stone that the craftsmen of the Great Pyramid and the Chartres Cathedral hurled into the sky - a profound belief in commitment and ideals.

Money inside a man’s pocket has the power to turn into confidence inside his mind.

We are incredibly fortunate to be living in the age in which was invented.

"The thing we call money is just an information system for labor allocation. What actually matters is making goods and providing services. We should look at currencies from an information theory standpoint. Whichever has least error and latency will win." - Elon Musk

To paraphrase Thomas Kuhn, the competition between monetary paradigms is not the sort of battle that is resolved by intellectual arguments. It is settled by actual adoption driven by human action and self-interests.

The most important historical figure of the 21st century is a pseudonymous person.

Missed the craze? Don’t worry, the Satoshi is still very cheap.

People overestimate how hard it is to get off zero but underestimate how hard it is to .

Don't swap a highly appreciating asset, e.g. , for a highly depreciating asset, e.g. a car.

Check out the beautiful Square Crypto Book of Mythology debunking false Bitcoin narratives

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