I have this weird idea for a distributed and private Mastodon instance:

- the instance would be Tor-only
- anybody* could help host an instance they like by installing and running some software (let's say a "node")
- the nodes would connect with each other and coordinate which one should do what (storage, database, http, etc)
- by using OnionBalance one can split the traffic among all the "http" instances

*not really "anybody" because this would make it trivial to take down the instance

@afilini does it make sense that users host their own data and perhaps "watch towers" that coordinate the threads. There's all sorts of costs associated with running a network as such, and self hostage would alliviate that. But then again imagining it like this sounds like it would be a complete mess of disappearing data.


@livestradamus yeah i guess people ideally should try to host their own instance if they can and/or care about privacy.

thinking about it, i guess what i'd like to achieve can be summarized to "a way to distribute people that are not running an instance to a set of small instances".

even better if this "set of small instances" is actually one big instance distributed on multiple devices.

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