I have this weird idea for a distributed and private Mastodon instance:

- the instance would be Tor-only
- anybody* could help host an instance they like by installing and running some software (let's say a "node")
- the nodes would connect with each other and coordinate which one should do what (storage, database, http, etc)
- by using OnionBalance one can split the traffic among all the "http" instances

*not really "anybody" because this would make it trivial to take down the instance

but if we change the trust model to a federation with a strong "leader", then it basically becomes pretty similar to what we have here today, with the added benefit that the admin doesn't have to carry all the costs of running the instance

@afilini bitcoinhackers has nothing to do with what you are talking about. NVK said he’d do it. And if he needed money there are plenty of us who would fund it with him. No reason to try to make this political. Really uncalled for.


@hanakookie it's not political in any way. i'm just saying that hosting a large instance at home is not practical, while instead if you manage to split it up it can become feasible and increase the censorship resistance quite a lot

@afilini we understand censorship resistance. NVK took upon himself to do this. We have offered to compensate him. He said no or not now. I get your point but this isn’t intended to be an endeavor for grand pursuit. Calling concern is no better than saying it’s useless. Just chill and let it be. Be civil and respect those who are here.

@hanakookie i still think it's very important to point out potential attack vectors and try to, at least, theorize better alternatives.

i don't want to replace and/or compete with this instance, i'm just trying to think about how we could do better in the future if censorship from isps or cloud providers gets worse

@afilini do better. We practically just made this up 2 yrs ago just because. Pretty good is better than the shitcoin shill fest on twitter, Reddit and all the other places. It’s not that big of a deal really. If it was then 2 yrs ago we would have done it already. And if you want to create another instance so be it. I’ll be there if you like.

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