Does anyone know if mastodon strips EXIF metadata out of uploaded pictures? 🤔🤔

@kelbie okay, looks like it's done - at least server side.

I'll check out the sources of the app I'm using, just to make sure it's done locally too. I might open a PR if that's not the case :)

@kelbie seems like Tusky just uploads the image (sometimes after a quick resize if it's too big). I'll work on that as soon as I have some spare time!

Hopefully with the Bitcoin community jumping into mastodon, some PR to improve its privacy/safety will come 💪

@afilini We also need to work on the private messaging on here. I assume its not private right now but I don't think a lot of people know that.


@kelbie I saw a discussione about that yesterday: the main point was that this design is actually pretty cool, to remove the fake sense of privacy that Twitter's DMs give.

There's no E2E encryption, so messages are not private at all. Not that @nvk is bad, but what if the hosting provider decides to "have a look" into the instance *they* host?

My proposal would be to completely remove them, and encourage users to communicate using something else.

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