Initially I didn't really like the fact that Tusky hides the number of "favorites" a "toot" has* but I think it's actually making me more unbiased: on Twitter I always feel more "under pressure" when I'm about to like something with very few other likes, and I might decide not to do it.

Good example of how peer pressure and social rules are really hard-wired into our brain!

*Unless you open that specific toot

@afilini I clicked on your toot and it had zero likes so I felt pressure to like it but then I resisted because I wanted to give meaning to your toot

@afilini control over specific notification is nice too, the fact that even if i go only on the mentions notifications the goddamn number compels me to feel validation is one of the most hateful aspects of the twitter skinner box, and IMO it's be design that users don't get to control that

@afilini to be a bit clearer, even if using tweetdeck or twidere where you can ignore like notifications, the number of unseen like notifications keeps accumulating in the regular web ui

@afilini Interesting for sure. But I would love to be able to see it on our *own* toots. As well as a stats page like Twitter have :3

@Seccour agreed, I don't need to be unbiased on my own toots ahaha!

Luckily it's all open source here, we don't have to beg @Jack to add features 😊😊

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