Highly recommend the latest Crypto Voices podcast with @giacomozucco, excellent discussion on BTC proof of work and the RGB spec he's working on with @afilini



@Dennis @kelbie it's "private" in the sense that other users cannot see them. But messages are saved in plain-text on the server.

Admins, hosting providers, governments, they all can read them if they want to..

@kelbie seems like Tusky just uploads the image (sometimes after a quick resize if it's too big). I'll work on that as soon as I have some spare time!

Hopefully with the Bitcoin community jumping into mastodon, some PR to improve its privacy/safety will come 💪

Does anyone know if mastodon strips EXIF metadata out of uploaded pictures? 🤔🤔

@nvk is it possible to change the ‘TOOT’ button to ‘Broadcast’ on here? Seems fitting for a bitcoin community :p

@mberger sometimes it's hard for me... I have to wrap my dick in a salad leaf

Initially I didn't really like the fact that Tusky hides the number of "favorites" a "toot" has* but I think it's actually making me more unbiased: on Twitter I always feel more "under pressure" when I'm about to like something with very few other likes, and I might decide not to do it.

Good example of how peer pressure and social rules are really hard-wired into our brain!

*Unless you open that specific toot

Android Mastodon Clients Quick Review - Tusky vs Mastalab

Tusky (left) offers a more polished Material Design experience with better information density. It mirrors the default web client in terms of available features. Works "out of the box"

Mastalab (right) is a bit rough, but appears to offer more visibility into things like # of likes and boosts without having to leave the main feed. Also lots of granular settings, from loading optimization (toots per load etc) to notification LED color.

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