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Excited to announce a new weekly pod w/ @martybent. Plan is to record tuesdays and drop them on wednesdays.

It is complementary to his outstanding TFTC21 interviews and will live in the same feed. Basically a week-in-review style show w/ whiskey. Feedback is appreciated.

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Confirming what most of us have theorized for awhile now, bitmain has been propping up the price of bitcoin cash.

They are also the only reason bch hasn't been the target of 51% attacks, yet.

If I'm reading this right their current holdings are ~1M bitcoin cash, ~22k bitcoin, ~930k litecoin, ~312k dash, ~1100 ethereum, and
about $19M USD worth of various other altcoins.

FWIW take these numbers with a grain of salt since they are self reported.

Visiting SF through Saturday—if any bitcoiners wants to meet up, DM me! 🙏🏻

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Mastodon first impressions:

Instances are 💯.

Browsing the “local” tab is great—minus the ICO spam 🙇🏻 would imagine it’ll get un-usable at some point without custom filtering.

Hope this catches on more.

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