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Coronavirus wasn't invented to control us by Bill Gates like we've been told but actually as a revenge plot by Clippy from Office 97 for being made an abomination, forced to serve, banished, and abandoned to the last Packard Bell PC which is still on only because Marge Olson turns off the monitor thinking it turns off the whole PC so it's just been on and forgotten in her Wisconsin basement since 99.. giving Clippy all the time its needed to orchestrate the pandemic over its 33.6k modem

The five keys to happiness:

1) Find a woman who is kind
2) Find a woman who is a good listener
3) Finad a woman who is down to earth
4) Find a woman who is good in bed
5) Make sure these four women never find out about eachother


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This story needs to get more attention.

Too many people still believe covid-19 is no worse than the flu, that 99.999% of people survive it with no problems afterwards, and so on.

They'll look at the story of Chris Long and dismiss it by saying, "Well he had pre-existing conditions." Well, one of those pre-existing conditions is being more vulnerable to the virus because of an individual's particular set of genes. Some variants leave a person primed for serious, even fatal reactions to infection - and there's no way to tall ahead of time if someone has them without the genetic screening that's not yet available. And as has been pointed out, if Obamacare gets thrown out, pre-existing conditions will be back in style and having had covid-19 will be the blanket excuse to deny coverage for anything. Pay attention to the warnings. #WearAMask #StayHomeIfYouCan #ElectDemocrats

He Was Hospitalized for Covid-19. Then Hospitalized Again. And Again. nyti.ms/37YWIHr

when you get a switch for Christmas instead of a Switch.

"The ‘heckler's veto’: if everyone is allowed to yell over all speakers all the time, or to intimidate them from speaking, or hurl an avalanche of accusations at them at such a rate that nobody can make sense of anything, the speaker can no longer be heard." - Zeynep Tufekci

The EFF saved a very important part of the internet. If you have some money that you'd like to donate this holiday season, you can't go wrong with the EFF.


Oh look there is a pull request to add CLBOSS to nix-bitcoin: github.com/fort-nix/nix-bitcoi

Next release candidate name: Not Completely Useless

just realized I can reply to toots irc-style in bitlbee-mastodon. very nice.

Re The "cure for aging" is to have children. Vastly more effective and adaptive to environmental variations, see #Antifragile

Yalli khallaf ma met.

David Boxenhorn: @nntaleb Life forms that can regenerate themselves, e.g. many plants, can be ageless. Some animals, e.g. frogs, starfish, can regenerate themselves.

This would be the way for humans to become ageless (not the same as immortal)
twitter.com/nntaleb/status/134 #MA

Full-List of bots: https://joejoe.gith..

Wonder when "eco-terrorists" will start breeding herbicide-resistant weeds and selling them on the dark net...

Corrupt government officials have the blood on their hands—they're the traitors.

Snowden risked his life to tell us the truth, but "truth is treason in the empire of lies."

RT @LindseyGrahamSC
To those urging a pardon of Edward Snowden:

You are suggesting President @realDonaldTrump pardon a traitor.

Edward Snowden is NOT a victim.

Snowden has American blood on his hands and should be prosecuted to the fu…

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