I heard BTC was going to zero and you should cash out now back into that one hyper inflating currency your country has.

I believe all the media sanctioned conspiracy theories. But if you show me evidence of a crime you’re crazy and brainwashed. 🤡 🌎

Haven’t even launched yet and someone submitted our drawings to one of our manufacturers! Gotta move quick!

Sign up at codl.co and we will let you know when we launch. Could be as early as next week!

Thicker than you expect, seemingly slimmer than others advertise. I know this because I’ve seen them with my own two eyes. These metal plates make you feel so nice. They put you at ease, and your keys on ice.

So keep buying those bits and stack them up high, and soon we’ll all be free in our new paradigm.


Unpopular Opinion(Fact):
Edward Snowden is a liar and a C_A actor.

Hillary Clinton is Mom from Futurama. Change my mind.

I love Bitcoin. I’m not co-opting it for fiat gains in a charlatan scheme to shill shitcoins on my macro news network.

Weird, more money goes to wuhan lab, another new "Russian" virus strain.

Anyone familiar with the NBXplorer setup? I need to set the path for the rpc cookie.

China took so many American jobs, even their children have jobs!

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