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@lukedashjr everytime there is a censorship incidence etc. on Twitter we move over to Mastodon but after a couple of weeks no one cares anymore.

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The bigger problem is that lots of Shitcoiners ARE SURE that they know what is good for Bitcoin.

Thanks, then it might be better to lift the price deviation rule for these currencies, as there is no reliable source.
We'll look into that.

@anita The problem is, that Bisq doesn't allow trades with a price deviation of 50% of the BTC price of a currency. So it can happen that Bisq Price Nodes fedge a fake price, determined by a central bank, and no one wants to trade because of the low BTC price.

See this issue:

Thanks for your help!

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Hey @anita, it would be great if you can help me with my Africa-related issue. Are there direct and liquid markets to buy BTC with currencies from african countries? F.e. exchanges with ZWL/BTC or CDF/BTC trading pairs.

Also, how do I find out the unofficial rate people are exchanging their Fiat currencies against USD, as countries with high inflation usually have foreign currency controls. So the official rate is different to the unofficial rate.

Localbitcoins isn't really reliable.

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@threed If you close the channel (withdraw from LN) the sats from the othe peer get transferred to your withdraw wallet, right?

@anita Referring to 1st world countries: In my opinion, it's wrong to say that this is caused a 100% by increasing money supply. There are huge supply chain issues atm that's why prices for food and other commodities or raw materials (e.g. building materials) are exploding.

Still, prices will never ever return to the old levels, that's the inflation then, caused by BRRRBRRRBRRRR.

Meh... If you then "pull out"/withdraw the BTC from the other LN wallet no one knows that you were the sender, yeah. But there is still the connection between the adresses.
You can argue that you received those sats via lightning but it is not as private as a Coinjoin...

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I welcome a bear market if it can keep people away from shitcoins.

100% agree. Twitter and Youtube during a bull market is unbearable with all these clueless Shitcoiners.
It's way easier to contribute to this space and to discuss interesting topics during a bear market, or at least without mainstream hype.

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I'm grateful that eco socialists will be late to Bitcoin

Reminder: Never trust ANYONE who is dependent on incompetent & corrupt politicians or governments/state funding.

That's why we should fight against communist ideas like UBI, no matter what.

We'll have a world full of obeying zombies - the worst if you want freedom of speech.

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This is more bearish for @Tesla than it is for Bitcoin

The amount of free education and free sources of information out there is astonishing.

Imagine still believing everything politicians and mainstream media say.

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