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@nvk Seriously, I have already seen this yesterday but I don't get it. Isn't it first shot wins? What happens if someone cheats? lol

As long as central banks' quarterly stimuli are worth 2x of 's total marketcap, Bitcoin is undervalued.

@raucao As if Deutsche Bank can give you good financial advise. They are broke.

@pox Exactly, you can also feed them but in reallife they are still mine and I'll also eat all the eggs:

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Maybe my first reason doesn't make sense but there are some people who claim to be vegan but eat eggs because they have their own chickens. Of course, this claim is not entirely true.

@pete @pox
I think it depends on the actual reason of living vegan.

Are you trying to protect animals? If you have your own chickens/cows, this argument is not valid because you won't kill the male chickens/cows (as it happens on commercial farms) for eggs/milk.

Do you think animal fats & proteins are unhealthy? Have fun starving (at least in non tropical climate zones).

But I think any sane person would rather switch to a non vegan diary instead of starving - if it's not too late.

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Added docs on how to reverse proxy to a @BTCPayServer hidden service hosted in your local network. Benefits: It requires no port forwarding on the LAN and also hides the local IP. Handy if you self host your BTCPay Server at home. Review appreciated …

Guys calm down: @Jack's NFT tweet will be sold for thousands of ETH and then he dumps this Shitcoin for BTC.

At the age of 14, I realised that scarcity is something miraculous. I discovered the S2F ratio of @CSGO cases and bought a few for 10$.

As ridiculous it sounds: Although it is a highly centralized concept, this helped me a lot to understand why is so valuable.

Good job @Binance!
@CoinMarketCap removed the ETH metric from its charts. Only BTC and USD left.

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Here's the song that I wrote for Wasabi Wallet. I could have done better with the vocal production, but I got sick of listening to it over and over and released it like this:

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A nocoiner friend just told me that $66k will be the top. I told him to short because "Put your money where your mouth is".
Also HFSP.

Do you really believe that
takes the "risk" to borrow another billion because it's funny or do you think that he exactly knows who attended his conference & he also knows which company is going to buy ?

Decide on your own.

Okay, just realised that this went viral on Twitter so I guess that you have already seen it.

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