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Am I the only one who thinks that @nicstheses should be renamed to Nic's Unimportant BTC Opinions?

I mean, 99% of the quotes are wrong or make no sense.

Does he even know what he toots here?

@Sir_Fromgar what a dumb take. A Bitcoin transaction doesn't automatically share personal details and a lot of sensitive information with a company and other third parties.

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RT @bisq_network
Bisq v1.8.0 is now officially out!

- new trade protocol for bsq/btc atomic swaps
- improved algorithm for dao parsing for *much* quicker startup
- 4 new payment methods (ach transfer, domestic wire transfer, tikkie and wise usd)

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What did actually happen to Bakkt™ futures? Volume? Was a big thing 12 months ago.

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Friendly reminder that :bitcoin: is good for the environment.

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Michael @saylor talks with Tucker Carlson about how is money that respects the laws of thermodynamics.

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@XBT Think of it like a bitcoin chart; price goes up, activity is high new people join. Price goes down, low activity, people some leave but few stay but over the long term if the fundamentals are strong users will join and people will stick around

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