Today's activity shows how weakly developed the transaction fee algorithm of most wallets is.
You can easily get into the next block with 40-50 sats/vB but people are still sending transactions with over 200 sats/vB.

Everyone's talking about the next big company buying but @Pontifex FOMOing into with billions of $$$ would be a game changer. Vatican exchanging its gold reserves to sats would be epic. I bet Pope Francis has tons of gold in his basement. 🔥

As long as central banks' quarterly stimuli are worth 2x of 's total marketcap, Bitcoin is undervalued.

At the age of 14, I realised that scarcity is something miraculous. I discovered the S2F ratio of @CSGO cases and bought a few for 10$.

As ridiculous it sounds: Although it is a highly centralized concept, this helped me a lot to understand why is so valuable.

A nocoiner friend just told me that $66k will be the top. I told him to short because "Put your money where your mouth is".
Also HFSP.

Do you really believe that
takes the "risk" to borrow another billion because it's funny or do you think that he exactly knows who attended his conference & he also knows which company is going to buy ?

Decide on your own.

Once you fully understand :bitcoin:, you realise that you don't own enough.

Yeah, sex is great but have you ever watched the :bitcoin: Mempool clearing and getting your transactions confirmed in just a few hours?

So Microstrategy outperforms .

- $MSTR 8% below ATH
- 21% below ATH

" is going to 100k
and there is nothing you can do about it.

That's 100% commitment.
No bullshit."

Do you still remember when 10$ candles were as significant as 1000$ candles nowadays?


Whenever someone argues that is better than :bitcoin: because Gold is on central banks balance sheet, I tell them that they might be right but Bitcoin doesn't give a fuck.

When Bitcoin unfolds its power, the end of central banks is near.

Imagine COVID1984 never happened: Would still trade @ $38k on 16th of January 2021?

Or higher?

Or lower?

Seems like investors don't care if dumps on weekends. If they can't trade they can't panic sell.

Dump last 3 days:
- MSTR -18%
- BTC -28%

MSTR already recovered to -8% from ATH whereas BTC is still -16% below ATH.

Similar price action on weekend of November 26/27/28.

A friend of mine who bought the first time @ $31k just sold because is "crashing". The first time we have been talking about Bitcoin (@ $500) he said that it's a clown currency. He didn't change his opinion until BTC hit 30k.

Idiots buy & sell if mainstream media tells you to do so.

Don't be an idiot.

I moved from a censorable, communist platform full of Shitcoiners and Nocoiners over to the more productive OG headquarter Bitcoin Mastodon (

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