Wow @pete, sounds like some pretty badass stuff. How much did the NSA agent pay you because his transaction got stuck? 🤡

Everyone's talking about the next big company buying but @Pontifex FOMOing into with billions of $$$ would be a game changer. Vatican exchanging its gold reserves to sats would be epic. I bet Pope Francis has tons of gold in his basement. 🔥

Good job @Binance!
@CoinMarketCap removed the ETH metric from its charts. Only BTC and USD left.

This guy is the best parade example for a typical FIAT lifestyle.

I'd immediately subscribe to 3 weeks-lasting +15% bear markets. :bitcoin: ❤️

So Microstrategy outperforms .

- $MSTR 8% below ATH
- 21% below ATH

LMAO. Dude rug pulled his sister.

Source: @rektplebs on Telegram.

M1 Money Stock is the real Ngu Technology and not Bitcoin.

I just found the Reddit account of Amy Castor and Frances Coppola.

7 years ago and they still don't get it!

Wait, *Google* warns me about Pebble/Rebble (one of the most amazing open-source projects) because it can access personal information and logs data? 🤡🤡🤡

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