So my Grandparents are now fully vaccinated but they aren't allowed to leave their house because they still can get COVID.

- I can still get infected
- I can still transmit the virus

What's the point of this vaccination? 🤡🤡🤡

@jakub @XBT there are many reasons. Money, control, experimentation etc...a healthy informed population just isn't on the list.

@Justyouace @XBT I get that, but I hate stating the obvious... With regards to hEaLtH it's completely pointless. The governments never cared about anyone's health before (pollution, cancer, pesticides, growth hormones, diabetes, heart disease), but now all of a sudden it's all about "health".

@jakub @XBT its all so rediculous. And the number of people who can't be bothered to think about it for two seconds and see the glaring inconsistencies. The propaganda is all encompassing for so many people. I do wonder how we - or more likely our kids - get out of this.

@Justyouace @XBT Same. My kids' future is all I care about at this point. I can't help sometimes get sad about a future that could be so dire.. They don't deserve that.

@jakub @Justyouace Apparently every 3rd person in Chile is vaccined and today they reached an ATH of cases. 🥳

No one is allowed to enter the country.

@XBT @Justyouace Sorry it was a bad April Fool's joke lol. Anyone that knows me well enough knows I would be the last person to get vaccinated🤣


to virtue signal to people you dont know or dont care about on the internet

@XBT Sir, go back to your pod and drink sludge!

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