As long as central banks' quarterly stimuli are worth 2x of 's total marketcap, Bitcoin is undervalued.

@XBT insanity that they just print the entire market cap, twice.

@Full_node They already did this the last few months and they'll continue to do so. The disgusting thing is that everyone on this planet get's robbed because USD is the world reserve currency.

@XBT What gets me is they made a huge fuss over the 19 trillion dollar debt ceiling back around 2008. Now they treat it like what it really is, paper. This almost looks like it’s being done purposely.


@Full_node Yeah because it doesn't matter anymore. Businesses in Europe have been closed for 3-4 months because they just don't care anymore. As long as the printer press prints, everything's okay.

@XBT Basically all Monopoly money at this point.

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