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RT @bisq_network
Bisq v1.8.0 is now officially out!

- new trade protocol for bsq/btc atomic swaps
- improved algorithm for dao parsing for *much* quicker startup
- 4 new payment methods (ach transfer, domestic wire transfer, tikkie and wise usd)

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What did actually happen to Bakkt™ futures? Volume? Was a big thing 12 months ago.

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Friendly reminder that :bitcoin: is good for the environment.

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RT @DWhitmanBTC
Michael @saylor talks with Tucker Carlson about how is money that respects the laws of thermodynamics.

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@XBT Think of it like a bitcoin chart; price goes up, activity is high new people join. Price goes down, low activity, people some leave but few stay but over the long term if the fundamentals are strong users will join and people will stick around

So we are all moving over to Bitcoinhackers (again) until we go back to communist Twitter after 3 weeks?


A friend of mine owns a print shop and he asked me to share his job offers with my highly skilled social media audience. He is right now searching for a climate scientist, a librarian and many more.

If you know someone who is a proficient printer 👇

Funny that @WorldBank claims to "end poverty" but most of their investments miserably failed and caused enormous human suffering.

As soon as the World Bank enters a region, they cause desolation and the native population abandons the land. Happened many times.

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@anita The problem is, that Bisq doesn't allow trades with a price deviation of 50% of the BTC price of a currency. So it can happen that Bisq Price Nodes fedge a fake price, determined by a central bank, and no one wants to trade because of the low BTC price.

See this issue:

Thanks for your help!

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Hey @anita, it would be great if you can help me with my Africa-related issue. Are there direct and liquid markets to buy BTC with currencies from african countries? F.e. exchanges with ZWL/BTC or CDF/BTC trading pairs.

Also, how do I find out the unofficial rate people are exchanging their Fiat currencies against USD, as countries with high inflation usually have foreign currency controls. So the official rate is different to the unofficial rate.

Localbitcoins isn't really reliable.

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