@nicstheses Years ago one of the most credible pieces of FUD was that bitcoin in fact could be inflated through forking/creating new networks. As BTC dominance continues despite the alts this FUD is fast fading.

Wallstreet is NOT filled with free market capitalists. They LOVE regulations because the regulations are used to unfairly advantage them. youtube.com/watch?v=M2eg3G7XMT

Why does open blockchain and level the playing field for people all over the world? Decentralized systems can't shut down r/wallstreetbets to help Wallstreet. (See: System Override, wetheweb.info)

@kekcoin Though I have no doubt they will be on decentralized net someday soon! (Bitcoin's markets never close, can't arbitrarily stop them from trading, and is volatile as hell. They are Bitcoiners waiting to find themselves.)

@kekcoin They aren't on board yet though! They currently only exist on and are only being suggested centralized alternatives.

Background: WSB just got taken off discord. They will quickly be banned from more and retail is being blocked from investing to protect shorters

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Can someone here help WallStreetBets set up a server? Great time to reach out to them. They are literally asking.

China is now in a position to activate, on short notice, over any part of China, the full thought-police crackdown that it developed for the Uighurs. Such powerful surveillance tools in the hands of a totalitarian government make it possible to crush human rights more than prisons could in the past.
-Richard Stallman, System Override, wetheweb.info

“Conflict is bound to happen between a system that no longer represents, nor has any dialogue capacity with, its citizens and citizens that are increasingly used to representing themselves.”
-Pia Mancini, System Override, wetheweb.org

“The existing government was... built for an old world where people’s geography determined their communities and communication and collaboration on a massive scale was impossible. Such a world exists no longer, as global corporations and markets dominate our economies and global social media platforms dominate our discourse.” -Santi Siri, System Override, wetheweb.org

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@nicstheses Paradoxically the institutions getting into Bitcoin helps keep the US gov from attempting to kill Bitcoin. Of course the gov can't kill it, but they can keep out people who don't want to risk being (unjustly called) criminals for Bitcoin. Thus its possible institution adoption means more widespread adoption / normalization of Bitcoin = better for Bitcoin as black market money too. Hard to say.

This move to mastodon is something special. It reaffirms my belief that you can't stop bitcoiners. You can try, but we're just going to run you over.

@CryptoActually Thank you!! No plans for an audiobook at the moment. I hear you about cancel mobs. It's gotta be unsustainable at some point though right? If you want some science-based hopium check out a Steven Pinker talk. Not about cancel culture, but when world news has you down, nothing helps me feel positive about humanity quite like looking at charts of plummeting infant mortality :)

“Asking Millenials to build a top-down, hierarchical organization in order to operate is the same thing, to us, as asking who the president of the internet is. It's absurd... out of sync with who we are, with how we operate” - Pia Mancini, System Override

@stark My uncles have stopped giving me a hard time about my Bitcoin investment and actually want to read my book (about free speech and Bitcoin). So the normies might be coming at last!

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