Can someone here help WallStreetBets set up a server? Great time to reach out to them. They are literally asking.


Background: WSB just got taken off discord. They will quickly be banned from more and retail is being blocked from investing to protect shorters

@WeTheWeb God damn, the powers that be really want a decentralized internet, don't they? Glad to have them on board.

@kekcoin They aren't on board yet though! They currently only exist on and are only being suggested centralized alternatives.

@kekcoin Though I have no doubt they will be on decentralized net someday soon! (Bitcoin's markets never close, can't arbitrarily stop them from trading, and is volatile as hell. They are Bitcoiners waiting to find themselves.)

@WeTheWeb I meant the entities ramping up their censorship, at a moment when there is already a huge momentum towards decentralized, censorship-resistant alternatives.

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