Introduce yourself below and I'll follow! Interested in talking Bitcoin, crypto-anarchy, free speech, free software, owning-your-own-data, DAOs and more. I am Hannah Wolfman-Jones and wrote a book with Richard Stallman and more on Bitcoin, etc.. (

@WeTheWeb I'm loving the idea behind WeTheWeb as well as your blog posts on the cancel mobs. I'll be honest, these days I am afraid of the future, but if enough people speak up, maybe our future can be bright. I'm looking forward to reading your book. Any chance it will be made available on audio?

@CryptoActually Thank you!! No plans for an audiobook at the moment. I hear you about cancel mobs. It's gotta be unsustainable at some point though right? If you want some science-based hopium check out a Steven Pinker talk. Not about cancel culture, but when world news has you down, nothing helps me feel positive about humanity quite like looking at charts of plummeting infant mortality :)

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