Looks like we’ll all be back here sooner or later.

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PlanB and Willy Woo have been suspended on Twitter. Anyone know why?

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Every single day, I take a small portion of off the market forever.

I am not alone.

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“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Money is “Proof of work”. When you expend energy to produce, then trade that production for money. You are storing your energy in that money to be transferred later.

Bitcoin cuts out all the middle men from this process.

With Bitcoin you keep all of your “proof of work”

When Bitcoin Standard?

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@VonMax Agree this is possible.

Escape velocity could look something like this (i.e. $1MM)

Hey guys. I lost the password to all my bitcoin. I think it’s “boat123” or “boatABC” I dunno. I only have two tries left then it’s gone forever.

will discover it began when The Dollar stopped being the monitory standard of the world.

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As Rome fell the Romans continued about their day to day lives. They knew things went going well but they weren’t declaring Rome DOA. In fact Rome is still there. And so are the descendants of those Romans. It was not until centuries later when historians plied their trade that It was determined that Rome had “fallen”. And the time and circumstances were historically established. When historians establish the circumstances of the “fall” of The American Empire. They...

10 Sats is a Finney let’s make this a thing!

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@VonMax maybe 10 Sats = a Finney.

This will be worth a lot sone day.

If we're immortalizing him (and we should), maybe shoot for a lower number.


We really need to name a thing after Hal Finney. Satoshi sent him 10 bitcoin in the first transaction ever.

10BTC is a Finney?

10,000 sats is a Fin?

I dunno. Something poetic.

Every time I see Hal Finney’s words somewhere I’m conflicted. I feel joy that he was a person, and sadness that he’s not around to see what Bitcoin has become.

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My biggest concern is the sovereign onion only lightning network which currently relies on reliable Tor uptime otherwise funds are at risk.

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We cannot rely on Tor if this environment turns more adversarial. Feels like a major weak point.

The silliness is astounding. Bitcoin is up 200% in the last three months. It dips 20% and people are freaking out. My fellow Maximalists, it’s on us to foster the strong hands of the class of 2021. Just like the class before us did when we showed up.

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